Item collection ec88c509 a6c8 42d5 ba98 1fa4cb7e2564

Bronze and Green Knitted Wire Necklace with Clay Pendant


Item collection ae6d211d 5c0e 486a 9b0e 0c9d51602ee5

Pink Leaf Dangle Earrings


Item collection 60a6d6db 5d39 4547 a71b 912c4e7baef6

Pink and Purple Tila Bead Bracelet


Item collection e7baed13 44bb 484d a437 c1477f90a890

Orange Wire Wrap Cuff Links


Item collection df0b65c5 7b1f 4b8e acc3 c52c54b44c79

Obsidian Tear Drop Cuff Links


Item collection b269eb17 9942 43a1 b1fa 2ad3a7c78ed5

Dichroic Glass Galaxy Theme Cuff Links


Item collection f17d80e2 aaaf 417d 959e 3ccef6ac0820

Blue Beaded Hair Barrette


Item collection 5bd32e1c 20ab 47c9 805f 8e7398c26cb0

Red and Pink Beaded Hair Barrette


Item collection 401dedc3 cb7f 4f10 9a4a d41c02cc5f21

Pink Sparkle Dangle Resin Earrings


Item collection 0108d490 5b4b 42e9 914a 96bbed08f0e8

Brown and White Wooden Zen Memory Wire Bracelet


Item collection 265f24bc 4eee 41a1 bbd2 d8e394525a39

Turtle Beaded Copper Bracelet


Item collection efd64ba8 bdab 471d b117 d9bc88ea2413

Beach Theme Beaded Bracelet


Item collection decdf75c 298e 457d 92dc 096f7147a1de

Red Leather Bracelet


Item collection 6931ce66 b03b 4015 a49c 18f186668852

Green and White Checkerboard Tila Bracelet


Item collection 2e937bd0 99fc 46e9 a8f1 c18a02d36c19

Blue Beaded Necklace With Ceramic Pendant


Item collection f27ad4d2 83d4 4073 b565 5dd03fae1b49

Blue Tila Bead Bracelet


Item collection 11ca1e60 bca8 4038 97f6 0f60f3c23269

Paisley Necklace and Earring Set


Item collection f3c46e0a 23cf 46f7 a089 a193527b750a

Circle of Enchantment Bead Embroidery Necklace


Item collection 540fab1f 5381 40a6 831b 23fd175a75e1

Gray Shell Hair Sticks with Beaded Charms


Item collection db02c43b ca73 4b52 bb3d ac0afcbcdf15

Maroon Leather Bracelet


Item collection 8fc4e156 7a79 44c4 b804 f717cd0f8eb8

Men's Motorcycle Black Leather Bracelet


Item collection 05a83561 ae18 4e85 b73e a3857362c9e7

Live to Ride Black Men's Leather Bracelet


Item collection 7fe0e6b8 1255 442a 859e 22d41670db68

Buddha Pendant on Leather Cord


Item collection c612be87 d2f9 4db2 96b0 b161090572cc

Floral Metal Etched Pendant


Item collection 806f3948 9a69 4dd1 94b7 08f537dbb887

Multi-color Loom Beaded Bracelet


Item collection 155ac177 a3e0 45e6 bd5c 9482ea524a90

Green Geometric Beaded Shell Earring


Item collection 6b24e321 3d49 43ee a10f 20ef37ce43bc

Frida Kahlo Shell Beaded Earrings


Item collection 09c998d7 22ea 4a94 9684 cbe44f959a8b

Blue German Metal Clip Earrings


Item collection 1c44cf47 78be 4ad3 b261 18f4b9a709f1

Floral Braided Ribbon and Knitted Wire Necklace


Item collection f6d249b3 2cc9 4884 b755 5ccb655ec95e

Spring Purple Butterfly Hair Sticks


Item collection 25c6df14 2f6b 470e 8f50 d4e008548391

Spring Green Glass Button Braided Ribbon & Knitted Wire


Item collection d41f16b9 ac12 42eb 90ae 1439472b42f5

Pearl Pastel Wire Wrap Tiara - Take Two


Item collection 543c142e e0ab 4146 b28c 4c7a1c4ea82e

Pearl Wire Wrap Tiara


Item collection d6dbae5f 9071 4b4d 8de4 42a636cc2b49

Red Rose Glass Pendant


Item collection bdae70c3 d42c 4c18 b4a0 27e0beb586df

Maroon Clay Necklace Set


Item collection 8e02f242 f7ee 4222 a728 7fd8f03b97ba

Blue Leather Necklace with Clay Pendant


Item collection 7d7832de 33fd 42ba 9fe5 94d3385f00a4

Green Sparkle Beaded Pen


Item collection df2a0ab5 3fe0 4825 a8a9 af1e8f5a4d98

Brown Sparkle Bottler Opener


Item collection caa8c8be c806 4882 8a8c 77b2082733d1

Blue Sparkle Bottle Stopper


Item collection 97227f56 8939 4190 b5ce 29d4bc8d9fdf

Sparkle Blue Beaded Pen


Item collection 6dc7f737 e9c5 4c1b 9954 2c70dc927a89

Brown Sparkle Beaded Stylus


Item collection e4e68e86 62da 439d 980b baeb7fd50b0a

Black and White Floral Stylus


Item collection 8ceb8b8d bc3c 4ede a8e2 9600a895e6c2

Blue Glass Stylus


Item collection d9cd827a 6d4d 42c8 bbc5 a655d2e5085a

Black Leather Bracelet with Flower


Item collection 7567dca8 cd67 465f b097 6f62a95b05de

Pink Knitted Wire and Ribbon Necklace


Item collection 99ff7e2e a779 4dfe ac9d 8197537975d8

Southwest Beaded Candle Holder


Item collection c2844d02 ac9a 4527 bcd8 ab91f62d7bc4

Maroon and Knitted Wire Necklace with Raku Pendant


Item collection 75b6f561 dfcf 49a4 9e3f 2a735d67b341

Couples Camouflage Leather Bracelets


Item collection 79306840 dd89 40b6 8e62 3a8237eb0f43

Spring Purple Plant Brooch


Item collection 061d9f46 2273 4403 9486 2955f01b1e80

Silver Feather Key Pendant


Item collection 12dcdc17 2da7 422d a963 0255bbf47a8c

Brass Butterfly Cross


Item collection 28f1780e b45f 40c1 8651 a38a0ca1c6f5

Leaf Graphic Key


Item collection 654bf129 6009 4ebb adf8 e24450d37fb2

Smile Cross Brass Pendant


Item collection 4489f32b a8b3 4589 be00 e1d5eec92921

Floral Cross - Perfect for Easter


Item collection 6a6a9844 d4e8 4f8c a789 e19b866f9182

Birdie Brooch


Item collection 50f09799 0dc6 4d65 b84f 888e9dcbe6d4

Postage Stamp Brass Brooch


Item collection ad8eca04 f90a 4613 993f cb773a2a87d1

Heart Key Necklace


Item collection 967fdfa4 2b2a 4d1b 99ce d3ceeba75cc9

Pretty in Pink Key Necklace


Item collection 2a51e7bd 8d48 443a 8091 62f5271b1d95

Key Necklace - Study in Blue


Item collection 46a0e22b 78ad 4d6d 973a 413b7bb7fac0

Purple Floral FLeather Bracelet


Pond's Edge Designs by Rosalind Brinson

Pond's Edge Designs specializes in wearable art and fanciful gifts. All of my items are lead and nickle free. Earrings are hypoallergenic. I love what I do, and look forward to providing a unique gift for you.